Other Law of Time Related Resources to Support your Journey

Foundation for the Law of Time

One Earth, One People, One Time

The times we are living in require higher thinking. There has never in the history of the Earth been a time like this. We are now participating in what is called the biosphere-noosphere transition: When life on Earth (the biosphere) evolves into an awakened planetary mind (noosphere).

The Galactic Calendar

Make Every Day Magic!

We are a small family business dedicated to the upliftment of our personal & collective consciousness. For over 20 years, we have been publishing and distributing Galactic Calendars that inspire and empower people to awaken our multi-dimensional nature as creative, cosmic beings.

13:20 Frequency Shift

Crossing the Bridge of Time

The purpose of this blog is to help create a bridge of time as we undergo a collective shift in frequency and dimensional shift. This blog is meant to inspire new ways of perceiving ourselves and the universe and also to open to a deeper level of the imaginal realm as we ready ourselves to meet our galactic destiny.

Mystic Mamma

MYSTC MAMMA is the creation, curation and sole work of love from Mijanou Montealegre, who is an artist, mystic and a mother.

Venus Calendar

What can we learn from Venus and Earth relationships across the fabric of TIME and SPACE?  We invite you to attune back to the harmony of the cycles of the Moon, Venus and Earth.

The Harmonic Factor

The Harmonic Factor is the elegant mathematical principle operating as the orchestrating INTELLIGENCE behind the fabric of SPACE, LIFE and… TIME!!!