ArcTara is a place to experience the mystery of the Law of Time and to connect with kin around the world...

As José Argüelles wrote of in the Arcturian Probe and the Cosmic Science of ancestry and cosmic intelligence, so the Worldbridger archetype is present for all natural time, cosmic intelligence, navigation through the divine time cycles of peace, harmony and love to bring HEAVEN TO EARTH.  



Enter the world of Time is ART, Peace through Culture - Harmony as bringing Heaven to Earth. We are activating the knowledge of Natural Time and the 13:20 Harmonic Resonance of Vibrational Frequency to align through synchronicity and the synchronic order of the 441 Matrix Codex. The Foundation of the Law of Time shares knowledge of all miraculous findings. LawofTime.org

Our Mission

Practice divine timing and harmonic sync to access telepathic guidance and higher dimensional consciousness. Live in alignment with the 260 day Harmonic/ Module. Discover that you have two annual birth missions, one is Solar Return every 365 of the Gregorian Calendar /Zodiac and one is your Galactic Birthday and unique signature every 260 days, or 13:20 Sync.

Divine Timing

Natural timing is 13 Tones and 20 Seals/Glephs and rotates with daily practices of color, tones and affirmations. It is 13 moons of 28 days and consistent with the divine feminine 28 day cycle and 260 timing of gestation. There are daily HarmonicSync mathematically memory matrix codes aligned in C Major musical sequence that never repeats posted for your practice to access telepathic guidance and higher dimensional consciousness. ( the link to daily tones will appear here with Kin day and signature and the affirmation from the almanac. I do this every day on SoundCloud.)

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My Cosmic Biography for 2023

“Even as you breathe, telepathic registrations collapse light years of meaning into a single insight”- Almanac of Synchronicity How I became a Crystal Songstress A Songstress is a female songster.…

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