“Even as you breathe, telepathic registrations collapse light years of meaning into a single insight”- Almanac of Synchronicity

How I became a Crystal Songstress

A Songstress is a female songster. Crystal is the 12th tone in the Mayan Dreamspell for Cooperation. In his book, Arcturus Probe, Jose Arguelles tells the story of ArcTara, the Crystal singer of timeless Songlines. ArcTara was also the Light that tamed Lucifer from his plot of darkness. Known as Worldbridger, ArcTara’s mission to bring Heaven to Earth.

In 2022 an elder and counsel to me, Delia Skye – Agent 5 Serpent Initiate, told me I was a walk-in for ArcTara. Based on my daily ritual of posting Harmonic Resonance Tones in C Major daily for the past 7 years, I was de-Lighted to accept this designation and felt deeply aligned to continue my mission of PASSION.

My HarmonicSync posts can be viewed on SoundCloud.com. Check it out and comment please!

My next blog will address the significance of coded musical imprints of the 441 Matrix- Synchronotron.