While I will begin this message as a followup to Number as Public Conversation, it is also to initiate a new conversation I term ‘Sing Your Swing’. Like a ‘Bird on the Wing’, it also refers to the ‘Birdie Code of Language’. OK…so the question is why is there a Birdie (or an Eagle) in the game of golf? Well, as a fact it is true that originally golf was played on a mound of Earth instead of a tee! A fact is that it is the only re-creation where the ball disappears into the hole of the Earth! As far as language it is also common etiquette to play in relative silence with few words or comments regarding your game or another players game!

So my blog, ArcTara – the Crystal Songtress, also resonants to the grid that we call the Course. The grid is made up of numbers calculated by ‘golf engineers’ who literally ‘de-sign’ 18 holes of challenge. ‘What’s So’ translates in reverse to ‘So What’? ‘So What’ is the purpose of my dis-course of the Mayan Return or the Mayan Myth. It is all related to the stroke (of a note/code) and a putt (putting our lives in motion) and the swing (wing of song/sound/flight we manifest).

Grassroots (no pun intended) response to the idea that the Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was New Age, flaky, apocalyptic extravaganza has transformed in subsequent years as a ‘Fairway to Heaven’, a term used often to refer to golf as a way to meditatively express our Inner-Self instead of our ego. So the ‘Fairway to Heaven’ is a metaphor as it became evident: “Our culture has little understanding of the purpose of myth or the role of mythmaker.” Marilyn Ferguson – Surfers of the Zuvuya – 1988

Myth- making is a way to revamp our values through poetry, art and music (the tones of HarmonicSync on http://www.SoundCloud.com) of a different dimension providing a new path of regeneration for the tired spirit. The Mayan myth, as interpreted by Jose Arguelles in The Mayan Factor, Earth Ascending, and Surfers of the Zuvuya, is a “circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”. It is elaborated by the force of the imagination. The following excepts are from my Mayan magical imagination (channeling) and my meta-physical perceptions of the game of golf.

Truth in Spirit

Today a new beginning in the moment of another now – Of looking for the question rather than attempting to answer how. The secret is in the Divine Nature of us all knowing that in the process of living in Grace with God we fall – If our collective humanness ended today on this planet plane we know – There’s another place in the universe our Real Selves would go – In the time and space of that victory another winning choice we would make – To choose another lifetime or limb we might shake – The family we belong to is a Universal ONE , the miracle of loving revealed by God’s Sons – They taught the gift of giving through what it means to live – to discover our potential through courage to forgive – The fear that is internal is the baggage we can shed – If only we’ll allow the Light to BE so we are led – to our mission and our purpose as clear as results can be – though purpose is only awakening to Natural Harmony – The Tree of Life supports us with amazing ease – The Truth in Spirit is swinging in the moment and resting in the stillness after moving with the breeze.

Delia Foster Skye – August 4,1984

So….are modern day Mayan Return folks like myself from Outer Space? The answer is a resounding YES according to Jose Arguelles. As he says in Surfers of the Zuvuya, “nothing to fear”. The ancient Maya, the ones who built Palenque: think of them as the great Mayan engineering team: Galactic Scouts with a mission…..to make sure that planets and star systems are synchronized with the galactic beam.

Part II of this blog will be posted in new time. Titled: Sing Your Swing : The Birdie Code of Language.