There are multiple themes with the word Wonder. Wonder abounds and stretches our imagination and creativity. Let’s start with the universal theme of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Do you know them and are they still standing? WONDER? The answer leads to another question. Only the Great Pyramids of Egypt still stand. So what happened to the other six?

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

No wonder then that there will always be a sunset somewhere! The sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico always entertain and light the way to dusk and dark.

ArcTara as the Crystal Songtress awakens the Light in each of us when we ‘hear’ Nature speak to us. Her Arcturian essence is now available for humanity to awaken. Recently, I revisited a YouTube song of Karen Carpenter, Top of the World. She sings as ArcTara does as the ethers do, ” Somehow the wind has learned my name and tells me that things are not the same…and the leaves on the trees -in the breeze are the happiness I feel…I’m on the Top of the World looking down on creation and the only thing I see is the love that I have found ever since you’ve been around and I’m sitting on the Top of the World.”

Karen Carpenter has ascended and is re-membered to us NOW with her universal message of love, creation and nature. Let’s wonder what is possible knowing that wonder as a recipe for humanity takes the ingredients of self-discovery and the awakened juice of flow through the full cup of intuition. NAMASTE