Have you ever wondered how you came to have your name? Was it inherited from an ancestor? Chosen out of the Blue? Will it ever change for a good reason? Whatever inquiry you may have about your name, it reflects the human being you have chosen for your earthly incarnation. That is the Miracle!

The theme of my blog is beyond the story of my name and will focus initially on the name ARCTARA. As her story unfolds, know that she is a Crystal Songstress with Fifth Force powers of energy and light. We identify with Fifth Force through the StarWars warrior influences and we inquire to know more. The more is the unveiling of what it means to be a Worldbridger. Another descriptive term for those who want to bring Heaven to Earth as an attainment of Peace, Love, Joy and removing Harm and replacing ALL with Harmony.

You are here now with this ARCTARA blog with the initiation of the 13th Turtle Moon of Presence for the next 28 day cycle of the Tzolkin Harmonic Module. The turtle is a sacred time keeper and provides us with grounded, natural nature presence to remain steady and moving forward. Use the turtle image to launch a theme of your own now.

The Timeless Turtle