Coming to closure to end 2022 with an creative idea to launch 2023 is a noble venture that will bring new possibilities for an ultimate goal like the one I will be referring to in my 2023 blogs. Closure is the simple statement, “I am ok with everything, I have everything I need right now.”

The theme of initiation is one I have come to appreciate as it conveys many options for creative action. Something that has never been addressed before or that can be renewed. That is what is meant by creative energy. In the Mayan Return we are called to re-Member in this life cycle. My galactic glyph, a Serpent Initiate, brings Life Force of 5th Force energy to the present.

My ultimate goal is to ground Harmony as the central attribute of being human.

The time of the initiate:

* From the eye of an initiate, the current planetary unfoldments can be perceived as an initiation into the mysteries of the Universe; which is deeply connected to the mysteries of life and death.

  • The initiate simultaneously cultivates compassion for all beings while practicing the inner art of detachment and observing energy with absorbing it (an art to be cultivated).

The initiate is committed to facing the truth even if it goes against everything they have been taught, what society tells them or what their family believes.

Initiates recognize that the collective can only be realized through the individual and not vice versa.

Contemplate the possibility that this world has been spared, thus far, from the dissolution that we experienced in previous world, due to those who hold steady the inner vigil that is always Remembering the Source. These are the initiates: the keepers of the inner flame.

Being a initiate is also to live with the Dream of Life’s Harmony. There is a study I recommend from the influence of Salvador DALI : There are infinite shapes!

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